Greg Boyer


daCarbo gets more and more viral: With Greg Boyer we welcome another well-known trombone player. He can be heard with Prince, Maceo Parker, David Sanborn, George Clinton and many more.

In the future on the daCarbo trombone.




Jörn Ranke plays daCarbo


A new family member is born! Jörn Ranke, trombonist at Palast Orchestra (Max Raabe) follows the trumpet players of the orchestra and plays daCarbo as of now:


"The advantages of the daCarbo trombone not only attracted my own attention but also the one of our sound engineer. It is a quantum leap in the development of trombones! Since I play this trombone I discover new sound colors again and again.

The trombone not just has an excellent sound but also is easy to play. The workmanship is very good and it looks fantastic."   Jörn Ranke




Musikmesse Frankfurt '15


April 15 - 18

The booth is ready. Tomorrow we'll  start. Visit us and learn all about our new products!
You are more than welcome!

daCarbo Portefolio






Saxophone Necks. Launch at NAMM Show '15


daCarbo's Carbon Fiber Saxophone Necks are ready for the market.
The product is launched at NAMM-Show '15 in Anaheim (CA), January 22. - 25. The necks are available for the popular sax brands and specially for the Japanese Forestone Saxophones.

Product Flyer

NAMM '15. Booth 3001, Hall D.




New Family Members


We welcome Rahmlee Davis and Gil "XL" Defay as new daCarbo Family Members. Read their impressive Bios at our Artist Site!




New Video Max Raabe & Palast Orchestra


Watch the new video "Du passt auf mich auf" (you watch over me)! Enjoy the marvelous sound of our trumpets!




Roy Hargrove


With Roy Hargrove another multiple Grammy-Winner joins the daCarbo community. You may already enjoy many concert grabs on daCarbo's Youtube-Playlist !




History of the daCarbo Carbon Fiber Trombone


Read the story about the first daCarbo trombone, developed for Victoria Rose Davey!

The Victoria Story.




Namm Show: TV Interview


Andreas Keller, Jon Barnes, Alisha Ard, Kirston Marvel and William Zimmerman explaining daCarbo Carbon Fiber Trumpets and Trombones at NAMM Show 2014:

to the TV-Interview




Namm Show: Media Preview Day


Last year with the trumpets, this year with the trombone: Again, we are one of only 20 companies who were chosen to present their innovations exclusively to the media one day before NAMM show starts.
We are definitively the most innovative wind instruments manufacturer!

If you cannot attend, visit at least our booth #3001, Jan 23-26, 2014.




First "Victoria"-Trombone is handed over


A moment of history: The first daCarbo trombone was handed over to the trombonist „Victoria Davey" from Vienna.

Video Clip 




Carbon Fiber Trombone ready !


Finally the daCarbo trombone is ready. Its development was supported by test reports of musicians through all musical stiles such as Trombone Shorty, Otmar Gaiswinkler (Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra), David Bruchez (Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich), Jörn Ranke (Palast Orchestra) and many others. By adapting bore and bell size it can be adjusted to the needs of every player. The carbon fiber outer slide is amazing!

See detailed description!
Will be available soon. Preorders at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Earth Wind & Fire Album with daCarbo Trumpet


Earth Wind & Fire releasing new studio album "Now, Then & Forever" September 10.

On this album Jon Barnes acted as an arranger and of course plays his daCarbo trumpet.




Skip Martin about his Unica Custom Trumpet and the daCarbo Jazz Festival


Skip Martin loves his daCarbo Unica Custom Trumpet and is looking forward to the upcoming daCarbo Jazz Festival.

His Statement.





July 5-7, 2013.  daCarbo Jazz Festival in Bärnbach near Graz (Austria)


daCarbo organizes a Jazz Festival July 5-7 in Baernbach (next to Graz, Austria). Workshops, seminars and of course concerts will take place.
The workshops and seminars are open not only for trumpet players but for all musicians interested in Jazz.


Isn't it the goal of every musician to perform on stage with a Grammy winner on a public event?
daCarbo makes it possible!

With Arturo Sandoval, Skip Martin, Jon Barnes


Concert Tickets are available at "Haus der Musik Stefan Maier" and here:
Jon Barnes
Skip Martin
Arturo Sandoval


Workshops tickets are only available at "Haus der Musik Stefan Maier"!!!
Information & Registration
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Program Flyer




Max Raabe's Palast Orchester definitively plays daCarbo


The two trumpet players Thomas Huder and Michael Enders tested daCarbo trumpets intensively with and without the orchestra. From now on, they play daCarbo trumpets. With the model "Toni Maier" they form the typical classic sound without effort.





Musikmesse Frankfurt, daCarbo Trombone


10.4..-13.4.2013 again, daCarbo will present its newest developments at Musikmesse Frankfurt:

Besides the well known first class trumpets the highlight will be the prototype of our Trombone "Victoria". This carbon fiber trombone was built acording the same principles as the daCarbo trumpets. It has an even sound over all registers and feels very open when played. As with the daCarbo trumpetes the "Victoria" trombone has an incredible good response. Serial production is currently built up.



Arturo Sandoval plays daCarbo


February 24, 2013
Arturo Sandoval has just been awarded with his 9th Grammy for his album "Dear Diz". Two weeks later we handed his personal daCarbo trumpet out. This trumpet was built according his personal specifications. Less than an hour after handing over he already played it in concert. 

Video: Arturo Sandoval




Skip Martin (Kool & the Gang, Dazz Band)


January 2013
At NAMM Show Skip Martin test played our trumpets. Right away, the lead vocalist and trumpeter of Kool & The Gang (former) and Dazz Band was excited about the daCarbo "Unica" model. Since then, the winner of a Grammy Award and platinum and gold records recipient plays daCarbo.




NAMM Show Anaheim, California


01/24 - 01/27, 2013, Anaheim

daCarbo ran a booth together with "Musik Spiri" and "Inderbinen Wood & Brasswinds" and brought Swiss Innovation to the U.S. wind instruments market. The booth was a great succes. The best trumpet players, e.g. Rahmlee Davis (Earth Wind & Fire) or Skip Martin (Kool & The Gang, Dazz Band) tested our trumpets and immediately ordered their instruments:

Jam Session at the booth

Spontaneously a daCarbo Song was created.




Michael Stever in Horn Section of Tower of Power


Stever with Tower of Power
Michael Stever made horn arrangements and plays with the horn section of Tower of Power. See his amazing solo in the video from 1:35.

 Video TOP



CD Release Jon Barnes


December, 1  2012
Jon Barnes released his new CD titled "Miles Stamp"! The music pays respect and honor to Miles Davis and his new commemorative United States Postal Service Stamp. The original music was written after attending the ceremonies in New York and at The Hollywood Bowl. Be sure to pick up your Miles Stamp!

You can enjoy the wonderful arrangement and daCarbo trumpet sounds throughout the CD.  This is the sound track to the up and coming NEW, "Miles Stamp" Video.

To the CD


CD Cover Miles Stamp


Test Report "Sonic - Sax & Brass"


July/August 2012

The European journal for woodwind and brass instruments, "Sonic - Sax & Brass" reports again: Following the excellent performance of the daCarbo "Vario" in last year's Sonic report, the "Tony Maier" model receives Top marks:

• extremely good response
• superior slotting
• enables incredibly gentle pianissimo playing
• no breaking out of overtones in forte fortissimo
• well balanced sound spectrum over the total range
• realistic monitoring

Quote of the tester: "It's a privileged feeling to play on such an instrument with these fine tonal qualities and dynamic wind properties. This trumpet is an absolutely hot candidate in the Brass World, and it will thrill the trumpet playing community no matter which style of music is played! "





37th Annual Conference of the International Trumpet Guild in Columbus, Georgia


May 22-26, 2012

daCarbo trumpets may be tested at the booth of "Dillon Music" at Columbus Convention and Trade Center, Columbus GA.
Exhibits will be open:
Tuesday, May 22 from 12.00-5.30
Wednesday to Friday May 23-25 from 9.30-6.00
Saturday, May 26 from 8.30-2.00 h

For more information:





Claudio Roditi playing daCarbo


2012/04/06 Jazzfestival Bern

Claudio Roditi playing the daCarbo trumpet in concert with Leny Andrade and Romero Lubambo.

Claudio Roditi - Video 1
Claudio Roditi - Video 2



Musikmesse Frankfurt


03/21-03/24/2012 daCarbo presented its newest developments at Frankfurt Music Fair.


Trumpet demonstration on Acoustic Stage

Philippe Litzler: Classical music on daCarbo "Vario"
....Alfred Bartles, Sonatina; Videoclips:  Andante, Lento, Allegro


Toni Maier: Sound spectrum of daCarbo "Toni Maier"


Matthias Bistan: Jazz on daCarbo "Toni Maier"





NAMM Show Anaheim, California

01/19 - 01/22/2012, Anaheim

daCarbo brought its trumpets to the US market.
Some impressions from the booth:
Steve Dillard & Jon Barnes
Steve Dillard & David Alcantar
Jon Barnes & Jimmy Street


Trombone Shorty plays daCarbo


10.12.2011 at Kaufleuten in Zurich

Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews plays the daCarbo trumpet in concert at Kaufleuten in Zurich:



Workshop with Rüdiger Baldauf


10.09.2011 in Winterthur

What sound are you looking for? What is your natural sound? R. Baldauf will present various trumpets and demonstrate their sound properties: Yamaha, Spiri and daCarbo in comparison. See which type of instrument fits best for you. You'll get your personal advice from the pro.




W.A. de Vigier-Nomination


daCarbo AG belongs to the five start-up companies which were honored as Nominees from the de Vigier Foundation for the product idea and its realization. We are proud and keep on doing our best.



Frankfurt Music Fair

6.4.-10.4.2011 Frankfurt Music Fair - daCarbo will present its instruments to the broader public for the first time. Come along to test them out (Booth 1.1 F31)!

Philippe Litzler

30.01.2011 Philippe Litzler plays a daCarbo in concert with the Grand Ensemble de Cuivres d'Alsace.

Tonhalle Orchestra, Zurich

31.12.2010 Jörg Hof and Philippe Litzler of the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra play daCarbo trumpets at the New Year’s Concert.


CTI Start-Up Label


12.10.2010 daCarbo AG is awarded the CTI Start-Up Label, certifying that start-up experts have looked at the daCarbo company from top to toe and diagnosed a successful business plan. The labeling process lasted about a year, during which high-profile experts checked over our team, financial planning, technology, intellectual property issues and marketing possibilities, and also gave us valuable advice on how to develop the company.

daCarbo AG has a clean bill of business health!



Claudio Roditi

11.10.2010 The jazz legend Claudio Roditi uses a daCarbo trumpet in concert with the Roditi-Ignatzek-Rassinfosse Trio.